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Remove a Broken Exhaust Manifold Bolt - EASY in 15 Minutes! No Disassembly!

This is a tutorial on how to remove a broken off exhaust bolt in a cylinder head without taking it off the engine! You do need to take the exhaust manifold off though. The video applies to any engine regardless of cylinder count.

If you have a car question ask it completely free at

*Disclaimer: Please use all safety precautions
therealsideburnz : One thing you need to watch for on the easy outs is that because of the way the spiral flutes draw the tool into the hole you can actually end up expanding the stud and jamming it even tighter. Been there, broke the easy out, got the t shirt
Andrew Ball : This worked for me on a rear manifold, up in a tight spot. This goes in the top 10 most awesome tricks I've learned for sure.
JediGeekBiker : cool save..
Ryan's Motorsports : What size torque bit did you use and what size drill bit did you use?
airs2k : Chevy ls motor?

how to solve Offline (0Xe0000108) in Hikvision DVR/NVR | Hikision HVR 4.0 |Hik connect offline error

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2. Biometric (eSSL,Realtime,Hikvision,Timewatch etc...)
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4. GPS Vehicle Tracking system (Concox)
5. Intercom systems (Matrix,CCL, Crystal etc...)
6. Modem \u0026 Routers (Tenda,D'Link,TP Link etc...)
7. Alarm System (Hikvision,Texecom,Secrico etc...)

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#Error Free Solutions

ஆதரவு அளித்த அனைத்து நண்பர்களுக்கும் நன்றி....
Kie 168 Chanel : Good
Divya Mart : gr8 working
Aliff Haderi : Still not working why
Florin Popa : If the problem persist, you need to enter router settings and make a port forwarding completing ip host, the ip of dvr, mac of dvr, and the dns and preffered dns, all the informations are available in the router settings and all the setting need to be done there.
Wira Gusta : Sy masih offline kenapa ya




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