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TPI Model 265 Digital Clamp Meter

Perfect for tight, narrow, spaces. The TPI 265 with slim jaw and body is ideal for cramped work areas and crowded electrical panels. The 265 is a hand-held, autoranging digital clamp multimeter. Extra large numerals, capacitance, frequency and data hold are just a few of the features of the 265. An affordable choice, the 265 offers measurements in all basic electrical functions.

TPI Model 265 Digital Clamp-on Meter

digital clamp-on meter

SNNC 265 P1 8 TPI Internal Thread & Brass Nuts\u0026h=AT333MaOuE--196MWWwztC8jp-8kih9xI5rSGw8xq3zeiuJQZcJwMhRZWZrkuTscCX6TwhMtu826ukUbC5HGDuUkrkadwxZe7EBAi8TwSBgQDUwnxvdNjgyvAcMNXfEhpeVP4Wv3GC-rBowBPKjcFA
Bosted Tap : Happy 60th John, hope the grandkids got you something nice!, (If they did, it was from your kids!!!!!!!).
Thanks for sharing.
Richard Tyreman : Happy birthday mate all the best
jix177 : Happy Birthday!
Adam Ward : For internal threads I run the lathe backwards and single point the thread coming out of the hole that way you have a lot of time to stop. I also use a hard stop and the thread dial you should try it t is a lot less stressful!
ian coupe20v : john watch the video at 9.12 mins as the tool takes a cut the compound moves over ? you might have to much back lash that will cause a problem or it might be the camera moving




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